The workshop marked the establishment of the new Cooperation Agreement (from a previous MoU) between the two standards development organizations ETSI and CCSA, which was signed electronically on the day of the event, following the approval by the Council of CCSA and General Assembly of ETSI earlier this year.

The event was also the first formal introduction meeting of the new Secretary General of CCSA, Mr. Wen Ku with ETSI Director General Luis Jorge Romero.
The meeting was attended by representatives of the two organizations:
  • Yang Zemin, former Secretary General of the China Communications Standards Association,
  • Wang Zhiqin, Chairman of TC5 (mobile communications) of CCSA,
  • He Guili, Chairman of TC11 (IoT) of CCSA,
  • Adrian Scrase, CTO of ETSI
  • Roland Hechwartner, Chair of the oneM2M Technology Plenary (TP),
  • Magnus Madfors, Board member of ETSI,
  • Margot Dor, Director of Public Affairs at ETSI,
  • Laurent Velez, Technical Expert at ETSI,
  • Betty Xu, SESEC.
Xavier Piednoir, Head of External Relations of ETSI and Zhao Shizhuo, Director of International Standardization Department of CCSA, moderated the meeting, organized by the InDiCo Project Team.
The importance of international cooperation in ICT Standardization was consistently stressed by the speakers, in the context of the present context of pandemic and of the long-lasting partnership of the two organizations, which are both partners in 3GPP since 1999 and in oneM2M since 2012.

Both partners confirmed their commitment to keeping 3GPP and oneM2M central to the development of future mobile communications and IoT technologies. 

Views were also exchanged on how to face the increased complexity of standard setting internationally, while human interactions are being limited to online exchanges by the sanitary rules. While both 3GPP and oneM2M have coped well with mitigating the unprecedented situation, working practices in these two global Partnership Projects need to adapt to these new challenges.

Luis Jorge Romero said: "ETSI and CCSA have worked together very successfully from the beginning, exchanging information and collaborating to build the world as we know it. This is the result of a very friendly and solid cooperation. Over the years, our cooperation has proven its value. I am confident that upgrading MoU to a Cooperation Agreement will help further expand the opportunities for cooperation."

Secretary General Wen Ku pointed out that "CCSA attaches great importance to the long-term partnership with ETSI. After more than 20 years of fruitful cooperation, both sides and the international ICT industry have benefited from it. With this upgrade of the MoU to a cooperation agreement, I am confident that the cooperation between the two sides will reach a new level. I look forward to the cooperation to give new impetus to the standardization work of both sides and bring more value to the world ICT industry."