The Internet of Things (IoT) is a driver and an enabler in the digitisation of Society in all its aspects. Devices and sensors make our lives increasingly connected, while enabling services such as Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Connected Cars and Industry Automation.

The Internet of Things embodies the concept of cross-domain communication as verticals become connected to each other. Sectors that used to be in silos are now part of greater systems that rely on these sectors working together to enable the vision of a smart, connected Society. A direct need arising from this interconnection is for these sectors and related systems to interoperate, to speak common languages and use common methods to access, retrieve and update the data that controls them and the data that they produce. InDiCo will work with the relevant players in the project's partner countries to highlight the need for standards enabling an interoperable, cost-effective and sustainable Internet of Things, especially when looking at long life-cycle ecosystems such as Smart Cities.

InDiCo will build on the results of international cooperation in the oneM2M partnership projects and help build understanding and expertise about the benefits and operation of a Common Service Layer.

In addition, the project will bring players together around the design of appropriate and effective policies and technical solutions to address the challenge of trust in the Internet of Things, a highly heterogeneous ecosystem. This will also be the opportunity for the project to promote work and common approaches on the topic of Security by Design and how to ensure fundamental security principles are met during the whole device lifecycle (from design to end of service life).


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