InDiCo was pleased to host a session at Futurecom Digital Week on November 8th, 2021. The primary aim of the session was to drive better awareness of the 5G Advanced Standards amongst ICT-enabled industries in Brazil and to reinforce the cooperation between Europe and Brazil on key digital policies and standardization.

Representatives of the Delegation of the European Union to Brazil, the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation (MCTI), the Ministry of Telecommunication (MCOM) and ETSI all shared their respective views in the strategic domains of 5G, supported by experts from 3GPP and 5G-ACIA.

This session focused on a presentation of the benefits of 5G and its latest evolutions (5G Advanced) for applications in vertical domains such as advanced manufacturing 4.0, agriculture, healthcare, smart and sustainable cities. It highlighted how 5G Advanced is a strategic enabler for Brazil's national plan for the Internet of Things - the development of local and regional digital ecosystems have become enablers for Brazil to reinforce and enhance its role as a major player in the global digital ecosystem.

It also highlighted the importance of deeper cooperation in critical areas such as security and privacy, as well as support to the green transition. With COP 26, the spotlight is now on how countries can reduce their carbon footprint in an effort to meet their commitments in combating climate change. 5G technology will play an increasingly important role as smart industries are providing the means to carefully manage the use of critical resources such as water and energy. The digitization of agriculture for example will allow much greater optimised use of natural resources, which meets both business and societal expectations.

This session, which was organized by ETSI (European Standards Telecommunications Institute) and the Delegation of the European Union to Brazil, served to illustrate the many cooperation opportunities within the scope of the EU-Brazil strategic partnership.

You can view the full session below

The session, which was moderated by Carlos Oliveira, Delegation of the European Union to Brazil, covered the following agenda:

00:00 - 04:45 | Official Opening
Ignacio Ybañez, Ambassador of the European Union to Brazil
Artur Coimbra de Oliveira, Telecommunications Secretary - Ministry of Communications (MCom) –  Brazil

08:40 - 24:55 | Presentation | 5G Advanced: A mid-term evolution of 5G, boosting 5G as an enabler for vertical applications
José Luis Almodóvar Chico, Chairman of 3GPP SA1

25:12 - 35:28 | Presentation | 5G Advanced in Brazil: meeting connectivity needs and enabling a national strategic plan for the IoT sectors in Brazil: Agribusiness, E-Health, Intelligent Manufacturing, Intelligent Cities
José Gustavo Sampaio Gontijo, Director of the Department of Science, Technology and Digital Innovation, MCTI – Brazil

35:46 - 50:50 | Presentation | Smart manufacturing - 5G global requirements
Uwe Rueddenklau, 5G-ACIA

51:12 - 57:10 | Way forward and conclusion.
Xavier Piednoir, ETSI